4 Overvalued Fantasy Football Players to Avoid: Fantrax Leagues (2024) (2024)

It’s important to identify overpriced players as you prepare to make picks in your fantasy football leagues. However, these overvalued assets can vary depending on the commissioner site you use for your fantasy football draft. We’ll have you covered this fantasy football draft season as we’ll explore the fantasy football draft values and players overvalued for each specific fantasy football commissioner site. Today we explore overvalued players to avoid on Fantrax.

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Overvalued Fantasy Football Players to Avoid

With the 2024-2025 NFL season slowly approaching, depth charts and average draft positions (ADP) are starting to crystalize. While every draft is unpredictable, trends and groupthink can lead to similar-looking ADP across various platforms.

That makes gaining an edge in fantasy drafts more difficult. It’s not impossible, though, and we’re here to help. Here are some overpriced players to avoid on Fantrax.

Kyren Williams (RB – LAR): ADP 19.06 | ECR 30

Last season, Rams running back Kyren Williams averaged 21.3 PPR points per game (No. 2 in the NFL) and ended the year on an absolute tear. Williams led many to fantasy championships after scoring 24.5, 16.4 and 30.1 PPR points in Weeks 15-17.

Unfortunately, last season doesn’t always roll into this season. Since that amazing finish, several red flags have popped up in Williams’ profile. First, the Rams used the N0. 83 overall draft pick on Michigan running back Blake Corum. Using a third-round pick on a running back isn’t a major investment at the position, but it’s more competition than the Rams’ backfield could offer a year ago.

That’s not too concerning on the surface, but it is when you couple that with an ongoing foot injury that will leave Williams sidelined throughout the offseason program. You can’t help but question whether the Rams will give their RB1 nearly the same usage as last season. I’m still in on Williams this season but I’m much more comfortable taking him in round three than in round two.

Josh Jacobs (RB – GB): ADP 30.83 | ECR 43

Green Bay’s Josh Jacobs is another running back being overvalued according to ADP data from Fantrax. Some of this data includes older drafts, but Jacobs going a full round above his FantasyPros’ expert consensus ranking (ECR) still doesn’t make much sense. For reference, Jacobs is the RB8 (30.83 ADP) on Fantrax, while ECR has him as the RB13 (43rd overall).

Landing in Green Bay could lead to a career resurgence for Jacobs but the mid-second is a bit rich for a player with so many question marks. Jacobs is only 26 years old but he’s entering a new offensive system and has added backfield completion in the form of third-round draft pick MarShawn Lloyd. Jacobs is an easy fade at 30 overall.

George Kittle (TE – SF): ADP 70.8 | ECR 88

49ers tight end George Kittle is a top-three talent at the tight end position and one of the safest picks you can make every season. Unfortunately, some of Kittle’s best on-field work doesn’t help us on the fantasy football gridiron and his upside is capped by the talented skill-position players surrounding him.

Despite sharing targets with Christian McCaffrey, Brandon Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel last season, Kittle still finished as the TE6 in fantasy points per game. That’s nothing to scoff at and I’d expect more of the same this upcoming season, but you have to consider the opportunity cost in play here. Would you rather use a late sixth-round pick on Kittle and his 12.7 points per game (PPG) or draft one later while you load up at other positions?

Mike Williams (WR – NYJ): ADP 107.7 | ECR 123

New York Jets wide receiver Mike Williams has missed 18 games over the past two seasons, is third-in-command (at best) behind Garrett Wilson and Breece Halland is attached to a 40-year-old quarterback recovering from a torn Achilles. Other than that, all signs are positive for the former Clemson standout.

All snide remarks aside, it’s hard to justify Williams’ inflated price on Fantrax. Williams has a collective ADP of 107.7 (WR46), much higher than his 123 (WR50) ECR spot. Injuries are fluky and it’s important not to typecast everyone as injury-prone but the injury history coupled with the other red flags is enough to scare me away.

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4 Overvalued Fantasy Football Players to Avoid: Fantrax Leagues (2024) (2024)


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