Acbl Homeport (2024)

1. Team Members - American Commercial Barge Line

  • Homeport is ACBL Team Members' source for the most up-to-date information, benefits and payroll resources, access to company email, and announcements!

  • Homeport is ACBL Team Members’ source for the most up-to-date information, benefits and payroll resources, access to company email, and announcements! Homeport is accessible to all ACBL Team Members through your BargeACBL O365 account.   If you have forgotten your user name or password, please contact the Help Desk at 1-812-288-0438 Transparency in Coverage Ameriben creates […]

2. American Commercial Barge Line: Marine Transportation

  • ACBL meets your evolving business needs with full-service inland barge transportation solutions that are more economical, safer, cleaner and greener than ...

  • Welcome to ACBL Moving America Since 1915

3. American Contract Bridge League • Dealing Infinite Possibilities

  • About ACBL · ACBL Administration · Contact ACBL · Just Play Bridge

  • Founded in 1937, ACBL is the largest bridge organization in North America, serving 165,000+ members, and sanctioning more than 3.5 millions tables of bridge annually through club, tournament and online play.

4. Log In - ACBL Connect

5. ACBL Administration • American Contract Bridge League

  • See the divisions and responsibilities of ACBL administration and governing bodies, the policies they support and other official documents.

6. Boat List - ACBL Connect

  • Boat List ; 07, ANDREW CANNAVA, 579562, IR 025.00 (N) ; 21, AM CENTURY, 1261315, TT 427.00 (S) ; 23, AM COURAGE, 1266771, WT 048.00 (N) ...

7. Upcoming Events - American Contract Bridge League

  • Which bridge events will you attend? See what's next – from special games and unique courses to bridge championships and beyond. ACBL's upcoming events ...

  • Which bridge events will you attend? See upcoming events – from special games and unique courses to bridge championships and beyond.

8. [PDF] Homestyle Bridge Program

  • The Homestyle bridge program was developed by ACBL as a way of attracting social players to clubs in hopes of getting them interested in duplicate, the ACBL and ...

9. ACBL Wellness - Google Sites

10. ACBL Clubhouse • Daily Online Games

  • Bevat niet: homeport | Resultaten tonen met:homeport

  • Imagine this: An online game where your opponents are those at your skill level. Where you and your partner feel comfortable competing and it’s at a time convenient to you.

11. ACBL Live for Clubs - Bridgewebs Link, USA

  • The ACBL Live for Clubs web site gives information about session dates and times, results of sessions, club news, lessons and more.

12. ACBL Educational Foundation

  • Welcome to the ACBL Educational Foundation. The American Contract Bridge League Educational Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 1987 for the ...

13. Contact ACBL • American Contract Bridge League

  • Fax: 662-253-3187 · Member Services · Club Services · Editorial · District & Unit Services · Headquarters Direct Lines · ACBL Charity Foundation.

  • Contact ACBL departments directly by phone or email. Dedicated member service lines and help desk. Business hours and directions.

14. American Contract Bridge League - ACBL | Horn Lake MS - Facebook

  • American Contract Bridge League - ACBL, Horn Lake, Mississippi. 10096 likes · 511 talking about this · 122 were here. The American Contract Bridge...

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

15. ACBL Charity Foundation

  • The ACBL Charity Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life in all our communities.

  • The ACBL Charity Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life in all our communities

16. Club Corner - American Contract Bridge League

  • ACBL Live for Clubs is an online tool just for clubs and their members. It's a better way for players to see how they did at the club. Club members will love ...

  • Find everything you need to manage your club along with the ways and means of creating a bridge entertainment hub.

17. RG 26, 36, 41 - Vessel Documentation Case Files - Louisville, Kentucky

  • ... homeport. The records include those relating to the registering ... ACBL 1352. 547046. 1973. 4. 80A0041. 26. Barge. ACBL 1353. 547047. 1973. 4. 80A0041. 26.

  • For questions regarding these records, please contact us at (770) 968-2100 or This series consists of case files that include correspondence and copies of forms relating to the documentation and ownership of vessels and ships of varying classes, sizes, and tonnages. Files may include a Notice of Award of Official Number, Designation of Homeport, Certificate of Tonnage Admeasurement, Oath of Loss of Document, Preferred Mortgage Endorsem*nt, Oath of Vendee, Transferee, or Mortgagee, copies of vessel licenses, bills of sale, and master carpenter certificates.

18. ACBL Unit 498 - Facebook

  • ACBL Unit 498, Burlingame, California. 61 likes · 9 talking about this · 2 were here. Unit 498 is part of the American Contract Bridge League and serves...

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

Acbl Homeport (2024)


How many boats does ACBL have? ›

With a fleet of 4,800 barges, powered by nearly 200 towboats, ACBL is one of the nation's largest liquid & dry cargo barge lines, operating fleets & terminals throughout the inland waterways network.

Who is the CEO of ACBL? ›

Mike Ellis - American Commercial Barge Line (ACBL) | LinkedIn.

What is the number for the ACBL barge line? ›

To receive the latest, most accurate information via daily e-mail, call 812-288-0466.

How many ACBL members are there? ›

The ACBL from A to Z

As a member of the ACBL, you are one of more than 167,000 people who enjoy the camaraderie and fun of participating in a game of skill and strategy. ACBL members agree that duplicate bridge is one of the most challenging and exciting mind sports in the world!

What are the ACBL levels? ›

There are several levels of Life Master: Bronze, Silver, Ruby, Gold, Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald, Platinum, and Grand. There are formulas for computing masterpoint awards for all ACBL sanctioned events.

What is ACBL Club Master status? ›

American Contract Bridge League
RankMasterpoint requirements
Junior Master5
Club Master20 At least 5 are black
Sectional Master50 At least 10 are black At least 5 are silver
Regional Master100 At least 15 are black At least 15 are silver At least 5 are red/gold/platinum
13 more rows

Who is the CEO of bridge to Life? ›

Don Webber - Bridge to Life Ltd.

What does ACBL mean in bridge? ›

The American Contract Bridge League was founded in 1937. Today it is the largest bridge organization in North America, supporting clubs and tournaments in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Bermuda.

How many ACBL master points do I have? ›

To see your current masterpoint balance, go to the MyACBL portal. For a detailed statement, check your Masterpoint History.

What is my ACBL number? ›

Your ACBL Number To verify that your ACBL number is in your BBO profile, log on to BBO. Under Featured Areas, find the link to 'ACBL World'. Click there and you will find a blue tab reading: 'Update Your ACBL Number'. When you click there, you will see what, if any, number is in your profile.

How many boats does Marquette Transportation have? ›

About Marquette:

Our Company operates over 130 towboats on the Mississippi River System, Gulf-Intracoastal Waterway, and near-shore coastwise market.

How many boats does Western Rivers have? ›

Present – Western Rivers Boat Management is the largest, independently owned tow company in the United States with over 300 people employed and 34 vessels running the river.

How many canal boats are there? ›

So in the year 2022-2023, boats recorded on CRT waters increased by just 1.9%, up from 35,146 to 35,814.

How many districts are there in ACBL? ›

ACBL Districts

The 25 districts have been combined into 13 regions (district boundaries remain unchanged).


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