Best Fantasy Football Podcasts (2024 Review by Category) (2024)

A Definitive Review of the Best Fantasy Football Podcasts

You can trip on a crack in the sidewalk and land on another fantasy football podcast. They're all over the place. Like Philip Rivers' kids.

And a lot of them ... are not very good.

But the best fantasy football podcasts stand out for a variety of reasons. So I decided to highlight some favorites and break them down by category in this review.

Best Fantasy Football Podcasts (Overall)

Best Fantasy Football Podcasts (2024 Review by Category) (1)

Draft Sharks

Top Choice

Score: 97/100


Draft Sharks has been doing it for a long time. DSwon the FSWA's 2016 award for best football podcast, the first year the awards included the football-specific category. It features the most accurate fantasy football analysts hitting on a broad variety of fantasy topics, including redraft, dynasty, best ball -- even IDP. Before the season, the focus is on the best way to draft. In season, you can find weekly advice for working the waiver wire, making trades, and setting your lineup. Akey differentiator is the length of the pods. Shorter episodes -- some even less than 10 minutes -- make it easy to fit around any schedule. Bonus:No ads. (That's right, no male-grooming tips amid your fantasy football rankings.)

Check out Draft Sharks

Best Fantasy Football Podcasts (2024 Review by Category) (2)

The Underdog Football Show

Honorable Mention

Score: 96/100


Underdog Fantasy delivers several shows throughout the week in football season, with multiple voices that have included former NFL players Steve Smith Sr., Josh McCown, and Colt McCoy. The flagship show, however, is "Stats vs. Film"with Josh Norris and Hayden Winks. Honestly, it's the only show Itry to make sure to catch every week. I have long admired Norris' skill for not only grinding film but also clearly communicating what he sees and connecting it with fantasy. And Winks is as good a stat guy as you'll find. I've enjoyed his work since his early days at Rotoworld. They combine strong analysis with good rapport to make fun, valuable content.

Check out Underdog Fantasy

Best Fantasy Football Podcasts for Analysis

Best Fantasy Football Podcasts (2024 Review by Category) (3)

The Late Round Podcast

Top Choice

Score: 97/100


JJ Zachariason has won FSWA awards for both his podcasting and his writing. And it's not hard to understand why just from checking out his solo shows. Zachariason dives deep into the spreadsheets with his research, but he's able to break it down in understandable terms -- even if you didn't get your master's in economics just yet. Bonus:His primary episodes are short, nearly always less than a half-hour. That makes them even easier to consume.

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I've been interacting with and following Mike Clay since way back when he broke in with a site long-defunct called His rise through the industry has been impressive -- and well-deserved. He and Field Yates drive this show with authoritative info and takes. And Stephania Bell remains one of the top voices on player injuries.

Check out Fantasy Focus

Best Fantasy Football Podcasts (2024 Review by Category) (5)

Harris Football

Honorable Mention (tie)

Score: 94/100


Christopher Harris has won the FSWA award for best podcast three times, including 2021 and 2022. That kinda says it all. He's a film-driven analyst who's been at the fantasy game for a long time, including a previous eight-year run at ESPN.

Check out Harris Football


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Best Fantasy Football Podcasts for Humor

Best Fantasy Football Podcasts (2024 Review by Category) (6)

Fantasy Footballers

Top Choice

Score: 95/100


No slight to the Footballers' knowledge. But they're a good time. That's what makes them stand out the most. Even if you didn't know they're longtime buddies who decided to start a podcast, it's pretty easy to tell. These guys even have a separate, humor-themed show called Spitballers. And who else can claim a following like the "Footclan"? (Besides Shredder, Iguess.)

Check out Fantasy Footballers

Best Fantasy Football Podcasts (2024 Review by Category) (7)

Fantasy Football Happy Hour with Matthew Berry

Honorable Mention

Score: 93/100


This guy went from Hollywood screenwriter to building his own fantasy brand that ESPN bought out and now starting his own new empire. And he has kept people amused the whole way. Ithink my favorite iteration was actually reading the daily morning roundup on back when Istill played fantasy baseball. But Berry has always delivered one of the most entertaining voices in the fantasy space.

Check out Happy Hour

Best Fantasy Football Podcasts (2024 Review by Category) (8)

Dynasty Life

Top Choice

Score: 94/100


Theo Gremminger leads this newer offering from the PlayerProfiler network. He's an experienced big-money player. But he differs from many other players of a similar level by speaking from that experienced viewpoint without exuding arrogance. Gremminger further highlights that by parading in fellow experienced dynasty players and analysts to broaden the range of insights. The intro animation on the video version alone is a good time.

Check out Dynasty Life

Best Fantasy Football Podcasts (2024 Review by Category) (9)

Dynasty League Football

Honorable Mention

Score: 93/100


When you call yourself "Dynasty League Football,"you'd better be able to cover the subject. And these guys have been doing so since 2006. Dan Meylor, Matt Price, and Ryan McDowell talk strategies and specific player takes. And they float between formats to meet you where you play.

Check out DLF

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Best DFSFantasy Football Podcasts

Best Fantasy Football Podcasts (2024 Review by Category) (10)

Establish The Run

Top Choice

Score: 96/100


Adam Levitan deftly pilots ETR's range of pod offerings. His work in the DFS space especially stands out for the mix of experienced-driven knowledge and tips, talk of strategies tailored to contest types, and co-hosts/guests that offer fresh perspectives.

Check out ETR

Best Fantasy Football Podcasts (2024 Review by Category) (11)

RotoGrinders Daily Fantasy Football

Honorable Mention

Score: 93/100


RotoGrinders was built on DFS, so their inclusion here makes sense. The Daily Fantasy Football feed features several shows that hit the feed near-daily during the NFL season. You’ll year a variety of voices from around the fantasy industry and get tips from serious DFS players.

Check out RotoGrinders

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Best Fantasy Football Podcasts (2024 Review by Category) (12)

Underdog Fantasy

Top Choice

Score: 96/100


I've already hit on the Underdog shows here. And their site's leading the best ball boom. So it should come as no surprise that they deliver good best ball content. Hayden Winks' numbers and charts prove especially worthwhile -- whether he's looking back on what has worked or delivering snapshots of the current draft market.

Check out Underdog Fantasy

Best Fantasy Football Podcasts (2024 Review by Category) (13)

Spike Week

Honorable Mention

Score: 92/100


Erik Beimfohr and his crew built Spike Week to focus on best ball. Many of the pods are long, but the content digs into best ball-specific strategies and journeys across sites where you might be playing. So you'll hear not only about Underdog, but also get insights specific to contests on Drafters Fantasy, where I do most of my best ball drafting.

Check out Spike Week

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FSWA Awarded Best Fantasy Football Podcasts

The FSWA added best podcast to its industry awards in 2013, and then separated it out to individual sports in 2016. Here are the annual honorees:

  • 2013:Patrick Davitt
  • 2014:Dan Back
  • 2015:Harris Football
  • 2016:Draft Sharks
  • 2017: Fantasy Footballers
  • 2018:ESPN Fantasy Focus
  • 2019:Rotoworld
  • 2020:Late-Round
  • 2021:Harris Football
  • 2022:Harris Football
  • 2023:(not yet announced)

FAQs about Fantasy Football Podcasts

What is the best fantasy football resource?

This review of the best fantasy football sites of 2024 highlights Draft Sharks for a mix of strong advice, experience across fantasy platforms, and the best fantasy football tools. Other top fantasy football resources include Sleeper, Fantrax, Footballguys, and MyFantasyLeague.

What is the most downloaded fantasy football podcast?

Fantasy Footballers leads the list of most downloaded fantasy football podcasts. Other top fantasy football podcasts include:

  • Fantasy Football Today
  • FantasyPros
  • Establish The Run
  • The Ringer
  • Late-Round Fantasy football
  • The Underdog Football Show
  • Draft Sharks

Best Fantasy Football Podcasts (2024 Review by Category) (14)

Matt Schauf, Editor

Matt has earned two Fantasy Pros accuracy awards for IDP rankings and won thousands of dollars as a player across best ball, dynasty, and high-stakes fantasy formats. He has been creating fantasy football content for more than 20 years, with work featured by Sporting News, Rotoworld, Athlon, Sirius XM, and others. He's been with Draft Sharks since 2011.

Best Fantasy Football Podcasts (2024 Review by Category) (2024)


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