Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet - 2024 Printable PDF For All Draft Formats | Fantasy Alarm (2024)

Skip the research. Stop sweating your selections. Dominate your draft and win your leagues this season with the 2024 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet!

This year's Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet uses a printable PDF format. You canaccess the latest cheat sheet here.

If you're an All-Pro Subscriber or have purchased the 2024 Fantasy Football Draft Guide, you already have access to the cheat sheet. For everyone else,purchase your cheat sheet here.

2024 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet: Your Secret Weapon To Win Your League

The 2024 Fantasy Football Draft Cheat Sheet is designed to be the only tool you’ll need in front of you during your draft.

Whether you’re a hardcore dynasty fantasy football owner or playing for bragging rights with friends and family, you know that research and prep can be what puts your league's winner over the top. At Fantasy Alarm, we’re all about it.

But we also know that some people would prefer to keep things as simple as possible. And that's exactly what the 2024 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet is here to help with.

Skip the research without sacrificing your draft-day savvy. Get your cheat sheet, dominate your draft and win your fantasy football league this season.

How The Fantasy Football Draft Cheat Sheet Works

You spend enough time shuffling throughplayer rankings,sleepers, busts and rookies. Once you finally sit down in your war room, ready to draft, all you want is an easy-to-use guide that tells you who to draft, and when.

That's exactly what our fantasy draft cheat sheet is designed to do.

The 2024 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet is organized in an innovative “Draft Grid” format. It will take you round-by-round and divide each round into upper and lower tiers. This keeps you organized and lets you see sleepers and value picks at-a-glance.

Say goodbye to repeatedly asking yourself whether or not you should reach for a player, or are reaching too far. These types of insights and value are baked into the layout of the cheat sheet's Draft Grid.

All you'll see are clean lists of players to pick with confidence. Follow Fantasy Alarm's cheat sheet and you'll not only be the smartest person at your draft – you'll be the frontrunner to win your fantasy football league in 2024.

See for yourself! Check out the updated Cheat Sheet now.

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet FAQs

You have questions, we have answers.

Can I Use The Cheat Sheet In Auction Drafts?

Yes. The 2024 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet can be used in all league types and draft formats. This includes both Auction Drafts as well as more standard Snake Drafts.

What About Dynasty Leagues?

Yup, the cheat sheet has you covered in Dynasty Fantasy Football Leagues, too.

The 2024 Fantasy Draft Cheat Sheet has customized sections for PPR, half-PPR, Dynasty, Auction, IDP, Superflex and Standard leagues.

It's truly a one-stop-shop for draft-day domination, no matter what league or scoring format you're following.

Tell Me More About The Cheat Sheet's Layout

We’ve created a tier system that offers both round-by-round as well as projected auction costs for more than 200 players. This will ensure you get the best value at each position throughout your draft.

In other words:this is much, much more than a simple set of rankings.

This is a round-by-round breakdown of where we believe players should be taken, which means that current ADP numbers are also baked into where we rank players. You won't need to translate tiers or rounds to auction values, either. We've done that for you as well.

See for yourself.

Give Me An Example Of The Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet In Action

Sure thing. Here's a theoretical example of how you'd use – and reap the rewards from using – the 2024 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet.

Let's say I have Isiah Pacheco ranked as a top-five running back. However, based on recent ADP trends, we don't think you need to take him in the first round. You should be able to wait until the late second or, in shallower leagues, the early-to-mid third round.

Remember: no fantasy football draft goes top-to-bottom through a list of overall player rankings. (If that were the case, why bother drafting at all?) People prioritize different players for different reasons, or make a run on a specific position before it becomes slim pickings.

So, in essence, the 2024 Fantasy Cheat Sheetspells out when you should select a sleeper or value play. (Or, in an auction league, how much you should pay.)

It's not an exaggeration to say that the cheat sheet's Draft Grid is your blueprint to build the best team possible during your fantasy football draft.

And The Cheat Sheet Comes In A Printable PDF Format?

Correct! But to make sure we're clear here, this is a printable PDF cheat sheet – but it doesn't need to be printed in order to be used during your drafts.

You can easily use the 2024 Cheat Sheet on any desktop or mobile device. The only thing to keep in mind is that you'll download an updated PDF file each time you access it. As it turns out, NOT embedding the PDF on a page has proven to be more useful for our customers than the current format.

Of course, fantasy football is about fun first and foremost – and easily the most fun part of any fantasy league is the live draft. If you're drafting in-person and would rather be present than preoccupied on your personal device the whole time, you can take advantage of the 2024 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet's Printable PDF Format.

I'm Sold. How Do I Get My 2024 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet?

The 2024 Cheat Sheet comes to you free if you already have purchased2024 Draft Guide or havean active All-Pro subscription.

If you're exclusively interested in the Cheat Sheet, you can buy it here.

If you already have access, you can see the latest Cheat Sheet here.

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet Reminder: This Is A Living Guide, Updated As News Breaks

As we see every year during NFL Training Camps, there are major injuries, positional battles and personnel changes that take place. These changes don’t just happen on the field – they affect your fantasy football leagues, too.

If the cheat sheets and draft guides you’re reading are out-of-date, what good is it doing you on Draft Day?

This is why we have a “living” draft guide and cheat sheet at Fantasy Alarm. All of our content – including this Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet – is updated dailyto reflect changes in the NFL landscape and their impact on your fantasy teams.

This means that you can have the utmost confidence that your draft cheat sheet isn’t just one of the most accurate, effective and easy-to-use in the industry, but the most current as well.

Get the latest, updated cheat sheet now.

Fantasy Draft Cheat Sheet Details

If you’re still not convinced, or simply need a quick recap about what’s inside, here are full details about Fantasy Alarm's 2024 Fantasy Football Draft Cheat Sheet:

  • League Sizes: 10-team, 12-team and 14-team leagues.
  • League Scoring Formats: The Player Rankings and Draft Grid are based on half-point PPR scoring, so it will automatically align properly for both Standard and full-point PPR leagues as well.
  • Auction Values: The Cheat Sheet’s auction values are based on a $200 budget.
  • Layout: The Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet uses a “Draft Grid” format.
  • Format: This is a printable fantasy football cheat sheet. Whenever you access the most updated draft cheat sheet, it'll be downloaded to your device as a PDF.
  • Player Rankings: The Fantasy Football Draft Cheat Sheet has more than 200 Player Rankings. These rankings are adjusted for various fantasy football league and scoring types, including Dynasty, Superflex, IDP and Standard.

When we say this is the only weapon you’ll need for your fantasy football draft, we mean it.

Also included alongside the Cheat Sheet's Draft Grid:

  • 2024 Fantasy Football Top 200 Player Rankings
  • 2024 Fantasy Football Superflex Top 200
  • 2024 Fantasy Football Dynasty Top 250
  • 2024 Fantasy Football Positional Rankings - full-point PPR, half-point PPR and standard
  • 2024 Fantasy Football Rookie Rankings
  • 2024 Fantasy Football IDP Rankings
  • 2024 Fantasy Football Dynamic Tier Rankings **ALL NEW**
  • 2024 Bye Weeks for Each NFL team
  • Daily updates to reflect the latest developments in the NFL and the fantasy impact they’ll have on your teams

Stop rifling through page after page trying to find that deep sleeper. The less clutter you have in front of you, the stronger your team will be. Your 2024 fantasy football drafts will be all the more enjoyable, too.

No matter what size or style of league you play, Fantasy Alarm's Ultimate 2024 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet is all you’ll need to dominate your draft and win your league this season.


Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet - 2024 Printable PDF For All Draft Formats | Fantasy Alarm (2024)


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