PGA DFS Picks: Top Values for the John Deere Classic (2024) (2024)

The PGA Tour continues at TPC Deere Run for the John Deere Classic. Like last week’s Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit, this event features a full field of golfers eager to make a mark in a relatively low-profile tournament. This means plenty of birdies, potential excitement and the possibility of a first-time winner. On the DFS side, we once again are faced with dozens of pay-down options that could open up value for the rest of the team. Let’s dive into the best PGA DFS value picks for the 2024 John Deere Classic.

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PGA DFS: John Deere Classic Tournament Preview

TPC Deere Run hosts this tournament annually, providing ample data on the ideal skill sets for success. The key takeaway is that golfers need to make plenty of birdies, as this par-71 course offers many scoring opportunities. The typical strategy involves hitting the fairways and then attacking with precise iron shots. The fairways are not particularly challenging, so most players will have good chances to aim directly at the pins with their second shots.

Additionally, putting on bentgrass is crucial, as players will fall behind if they don’t make a significant number of putts. Overall, TPC Deere Run is an “attack mode” course, and we can expect a winning score that might surpass 20 under par.

PGA DFS Picks: Top Values

Ryo Hisatsune

DFS Salary
DraftKings: $7,600
FanDuel: $9,900

I may be stretching the term “value play” here, but Hisatsune in the mid-$7,000 range is somewhat surprising. This 21-year-old is loaded with talent, and this price tag will be long gone in the near future. He poured in 20 birdies last week at the Rocket Mortgage, and he will need that once again to be successful here. It’s early in his career, so we don’t get the luxury of course history, but it seems like his game can translate anywhere.

Hisatsune has made four cuts out of five, including the PGA Championship. He has the game to compete in a field like this, and he also made an appearance in my OddsShopper betting article this week at 66-1 to win outright. Winning may be a stretch, but if you are going balanced, Hisatsune fits a ton of different builds. I plan to continue to buy the raw talent.

Chandler Phillips

DFS Salary
DraftKings: $7,100
FanDuel: $8,500

We head to the lower-$7,000 range on DraftKings with Chandler Phillips, who also has made four of his last five cuts. Now, the level of competition was a bit lower since he didn’t play in any majors, but he is finding the weekend consistently on tour. Phillips’ putting jumps out the most, as he’s gained in three straight events and will need to convert plenty of birdie looks this week. Lately that hasn’t been an issue with a 12th- and a 10th-place finish. Phillips needs to synchronize the irons and putter if he truly wants to contend, but right now his game is in solid shape.

Given the full field, Phillips shouldn’t be popular, which furthers my interest this week. It’s always a positive when even a reasonable allocation could give you leverage, and that’s what I expect of Phillips. If he continues to churn out these results, I will keep buying in these price ranges, especially in a field this soft.

Max Greyserman

DFS Salary
DraftKings: $6,900
FanDuel: $8,000

In the $6,000 range, Greyserman also comes in having played some quality golf. He made the cut at the US Open and racked up 20 birdies last week at the Rocket Mortgage. That illustrates how good his scoring is and gives him plenty of upside if he can clean up the mistakes. Greyserman could improve the irons, as that is the weakest part of his game and a concern at a layout like this. Still, he has a putting and off-tee combo that has been proven time and time again to be a high-upside skillset when it clicks.

Despite being in the upper-$6,000 range, this is the value play to attack. In a field lacking star power, the reward for finding a true basem*nt price tag isn’t that high unless you objectively like the play. I will land in the lower-$7,000 or upper-$6,000 ranges with my teams, and Greyserman will be a part of those builds this week.

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PGA DFS Picks: Top Values for the John Deere Classic (2024) (2024)


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